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PGYTECH to Launch World's First Professional Camera Bag with a Suspension System on Kickstarter

2024/6/12 22:15:56

NEW YORK, June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- June 7, globally renowned photography accessory leader PGYTECH announced the upcoming launch of the world's first professional outdoor camera bag with a suspension system, originally designed and developed by PGYTECH. This innovative product, named OnePro series, will officially be available on Kickstarter in mid-July.

PGYTECH to Launch World's First Professional Camera Bag with a Suspension System on Kickstarter
PGYTECH to Launch World's First Professional Camera Bag with a Suspension System on Kickstarter

As photography enthusiasts, especially those involved in outdoor photography, we are acutely aware of the burden that carrying camera equipment for extended periods can place on the body. PGYTECH's new camera bag aims to alleviate this burden with its unique suspension system, which redistributes the weight from the shoulders, significantly reducing the load on users. Additionally, the bag features tough and splash-proof innovative materials and a highly durable equipment storage system, providing a comprehensive solution for outdoor photography enthusiasts' travel concerns. Whether you are a professional photographer or an outdoor adventurer, this camera bag will be an ideal choice.

PGYTECH has been deeply involved in the field of camera bags for many years and has become a star brand in the global camera bag market due to its outstanding design and quality. Among its products, The\ OneMo series has garnered an excellent reputation among professional photography users and is highly favored by photography enthusiasts. The new camera bag continues PGYTECH's tradition of superior product design while achieving new breakthroughs in functionality and user experience.

PGYTECH officials expressed their anticipation that more consumers will discover and support this innovative product through the crowdfunding campaign, further exploring PGYTECH's full range of products. For more information about The\ OnePro launch, pricing, and discounts, please stay tuned to PGYTECH's official channels and the soon-to-be-launched Kickstarter page.


Founded in 2015, PGYTECH strives to develop professional photography peripherals including camera bags, all-in-one camera kits and supports to deliver excellent products and aftersales service. PGYTECH is driven by technological innovation and, as of October 2023, has acquired over 150 patents, along with recognition from prestigious global awards like the Red Dot Award and IF Design Award, among others. After nearly 10 years of steady growth, PGYTECH has emerged as one of the leading brands in global photography accessories, delivering more efficient and enjoyable shooting experiences to photography enthusiasts in over 100 countries and regions, which makes creation easier.


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